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Can You

Wait 10

to 30 Years

For Your

Real Estate

Note To

Pay Out?

Sure, it would be great to sit back month after month and year after year receiving the monthly cash flow from your note. But what if you want the money now? What about the monthly collection of your note payments? Does that always work out as planned?

If you own a real estate secured note and want to sell for any reason, we can offer you multiple options to buy your note that you cannot find anywhere else. We are extremely flexible, efficient, and have your needs in mind throughout every step of the transaction. buys real estate secured notes. We have leveraged the knowledge and experience of over 25+ successful years in the industry. We know how to close the deal and offer you an option that will put the money you need in your account.

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Are You A


But Want



Would you like to pull some equity out of your real estate investment portfolio? Why not just try to sell your rental?

The answer is… banks are still not lending like they used to and finding a qualified buyer is not easy. If you'd like to sell your rental home, we are seeing a growing market for investors with cash and they're putting down 50% down payments on rental homes. They pay consistently and on time.

By selling your rental on what we call the 50/50 Down Deal, you're not responsible for the maintenance or cost of repairs. You'll be able to sell your home above market and you'll recieve generous cash flow over the life of the plan. Click the button below if this may interest you!


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